Are you now or have you ever thought about making your own wine? It's not only a great hobby, but provides a significant cost savings on fine wines from around the world! You typically get fewer preservatives (sulfates) in our wine kits than commercial wines and you also do your small part  for "going green" by recycling your bottles.

  With a little time and patience, we have the equipment and supplies that can help you on the road to being the personal vintner to friends and family. We provide information and direction to create excellent tasting U.S. and International wines.

  At CRUSHED & CORKED, we offer a wide selection of wine and beer crafting supplies as well as gifts and doodads for the connoisseur of the finer things in life! Or wine juice kits come from several of the best manufacturers and award winning producers of home - making juice and hop kits.
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Wine Kits, Beer Kits, Home Making Equipment & Other Great Products & Gifts
Crushed & Corked
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Wine Kits, Beer Kits, Home Making Equipment & Other Great Products & Gifts
RJ Spagnols...5th year in a row they were awarded the most medals at WineMaker Int'l Amateur Wine Competition.

Wine Expert...the leading provider of wine kits in North America included limited release brands.

Cellar Craft...with a global network of grape suppliers, they are know for their wine without borders or marriage of regions.

REDS...crushed fermented grapes

WHITE...fermented grape juice with no skins or fruit meat

BLUSH/ROSE...from red grapes but processed like a white grape

FRUIT...a similar process but concentrated fruit juices are added to fermented wine